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Saturday, May 5, 2018


Racers!  Load up the RV, #vanlife, or family station wagon and come celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the 2nd annual Family Funduro, presented by Trail Party MTB.  Racing is awesome but its not always awesome for your pit crew (aka family).  We’ve catered this event specifically for the non-racers in your life to have a good time while you shred your face off.   Its also a great event for those who are enduro-curious and want to race in a more chilled out setting to explore and give it a "test ride".

As with every Trail Party race, a portion of the proceeds will go towards trail development.  We’ve got some great new additions in the works + more permenant signage for the ranch!


Planned events:

  • 5 stages of racing on the fast n flowey trails @ Flat Creek Crossing Ranch.
  • Kids Cup race.
  • Some available guides for the Junior and beginner classes (both male and female).
  • Catered mimosas, beer, and taco meal for family members with the VIP package.
  • Spectator shuttles to areas of interest.
  • Awards and meal at one of the best swimming holes around

We’ve also added a couple different packages to make registration easier.  No need to bring cash to pay the ranch! 

  • FACTORY early reg - $85.  Family Funduro shirt, meal, beers and land fees.  Must reg by 4/05/18
  • FACTORY after 4/05/18 - $85.  Everything but the shirt. 
  • PRIVATEER early reg - $60.  Includes entry + land use.  Must reg by 4/05/18.
  • PRIVATEER after 4/05/17 - $70.  Includes entry + land use. 
  • VIP family member package - $25.  I want my significant other to have the best time.  Includes land use, adult beverages, shuttles, and a meal.
  • Standard family member package - $10.  My significant other has their food and booze handled.   
  • $10/person/night camping (a la carte).  Ex. 2 people x 2 nights = $40.  
  • Hotel/cabin rental – please contact ranch directly.

New rider information:

  • We utilize electronic chip timing.  The chip records your timestamp when you pass the start and finish gate to calculate elapsed racing time.  

  • Pickup chips on Saturday morning

  • Chips go on the top tube of bike only.  Does not matter where, just needs to be on top tube.

  • Start/finish beacons have a signal radius of 6 feet.  You must pass within 6 feet for timestamp to be recorded.  

  • STAY AWAY FROM ALL BEACONS UNLESS ON A RACE RUN!  Extra timestamps confuse the timing software and delay results.  Don’t be that guy (or gal).



  • Race the 6 stages in any order you wish.  You have 3.5 hrs to complete your lap (approx. 10 miles total riding).

  • Start from a standstill with one foot on ground.  

  • 1 min gaps to avoid rider conflicts.  

  • Go through the start chute smoothly.  Beacon should beep when you pass it.

  • Follow all tape/signs.  Stay within 1 foot of singletrack tread.  

  • Red tape = advanced feature.  Yellow tape = ride-around (aka B-line).

  • If you break tape, stop and fix it.  Don’t ruin someone else’s race run because you crashed.

  • If you catch another rider, yell “RIDER RIDER RIDER!”

  • If you’re getting caught, pull over ASAP.  Don’t ruin another riders’ good run.

  • No re-runs for crashes, mechs, rider error (e.g. failed to follow course markings).

  • Re-runs allowed for downed rider or cow (take pic of cow).

Downed Rider Protocol:

  • If you come up on a downed rider, stop and assist.  YOU WILL GET A RE-RUN.

  • Do not move rider or attempt medical help.

  • If downed rider cannot move to safety under own power, stop the next rider and have them call EMT.  Next rider also needs to alert/hold upcoming traffic.



  • Make sure to ride through the finish chute and well past the beacon (remember 6 ft radius).  

  • Take un-timed transfer to the next stage of your choice.    

  • No alcohol whatsoever while riding or racing.  Save it for post-race.

  • Special note.  If you feel entitled to a re-run because of special circumstances, please check with the registration booth first before going back out.