Love is toting your shit out to the trails to holler and ring a cow bell for 2.5 seconds
— Me, last weekend

Hey Family.

You love your significant other.  Your sig loves bikes.  It's really possible that you love bikes, too.  (Mommas, I'm looking at you.)  Race weekend is a test of love.  You may stay at home to hold down the fort.  You may stay home and have a unbridled weekend of your own.  You may cart yourself out to a race to try and find a friendly face that will point you towards a half way decent observation spot.  Even then, you get to shout for 2.5 seconds as they scream by.

We hear you.  We thought, "What can we do to make this better for everyone."  Whether you have kids, a significant, or just you -- let's make a community out of it in order to 

So, here's what we've got:

  • 2 areas with:
    • Plumbed toilets
    • Sink
    • A/C
  • Fenced in area to slow down toddler escapes and give little ones an area to ride in
  • Kids technical skills course and "mini stage" enduro race
  • A non-racers ride (lookin' at you, mommas that don't get pedal time on race weekend)
  • Beer
  • Food trucks (TBA)
  • Camping
  • After party at swimming hole